Logo Tee Life

Logo Tee Life

If I’m honest, my personal wardrobe contains a mixture of concert tees and those with some reference to pop culture. Let’s face it there’s nothing like being comfortable and being able to express yourself as an individual at the same time. The same rules we apply to ourselves can definitely apply to our children’s wardrobes. A concert tee on a toddler is definitely a way to make a statement. Best of all my favorite aspect of a good logo tee is that most of them are unisex!!!  One of my top recommendations for finding fashionable items for little girls is to utilize the boy section in stores …you’ll definitely find some gems

Fifth Sun has a collection of Black Panther themed tees just in time for the highly anticipated movie release!

Fifth sun





Things to NOTE:

Ralph Lauren Polo- currently has an additional 40% off of sale styles with use of the promo code FINALE until 1/28/2018

Macy’s currently having their super sale weekend 1/26/018-1/28/018– extra 20% off select children’s clothing with Promo code : SUPER